[Petarung Chapter.02] Bernard

Bernard is young man of mix descent. His father was a colonist while his mother is a native of other island many kilometers from here. His skin is darker than the most of this island’s population, his hair is dark and curly  and in his 18th year he already stood a head taller than his peers. Another thing that sets him apart from his peers is his blue eyes that can only come from colonist’s bloodline.

Moving to Batavia has been a great decision for his part. All those bullying during his childhood for his blue eyes and people calling him and his mother names, it’s all just a distant memory now. And tonight will mark another high point in his life, to fulfill his childhood dream to serve in the Queen’s army.  To join the rank of the elite, and tonight will be his first sortie.

“Mama will be very proud of me.” he muses, “And Papa, I’m following in your footstep”

His thought wanders as he gets into his uniform. A loose khaki   pants end with a pair of shining leather boots.  His fresh white shirt is buttoned up to his neck with a short brown tie wrapped around his neck.

With one last look at the mirror, Bernard picks up his rucksack from the stone floor and step out of his barrack, his bright future awaits.


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[Petarung Chapter.01] Lesus


Fire everywhere.

Heavy smoke from burning wooden cottages obscuring the night sky. The whole village is burning.

The sound of people running filled the night, their shadows flitting across Lesus’s field of vision like some kind of creatures from nightmare. Here and there, screams of the dying can be heard over the din of battle.

No, it’s not a battle, it’s a slaughter.

Lesus drops his bundle and run downhill toward the village, the fire light his way. His legs pumping, sliding and jumping, avoiding bushes and boulders that strewn all over the place. But no matter how fast he run, he’s already too late.

All over the village, he can see bodies littering the streets and alley. One by one people crawled out of their hiding places and search for their relatives. Cries broke out every time someone found theirs wounded or dead.

But none of that matters for Lesus. His mind is so focus on one thing and legs will only take him to his only destination, his wooden cottage, his home. A burning ruin.


Lesus lunged desperately into what’s left of his cottage, wooden beams crackling and hissing with extreme heat but he ignore it all, kicking and turning furniture while looking for any sign of his daughter.

And there she is.


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